The original Ergohuman Classic Ergonomic Chair that was launched over 15 years ago is now known simply as the ‘Ergohuman Classic’. Still true to the original design philosophy, it has been updated and improved over the years.  Originally the Ergohuman Mesh was referred to as the ME9ERG and the Leather as the LE9ERG.  Often referred to as the Ergohuman V1, now we just call it the Ergohuman Classic.

The original brief was to design a versatile ergonomic chair with a wide range of adjustability. It was important that the Chair was durable and robust for commercial use. Sold in over 50 countries the Ergohuman Classic has a reputation for excellence in ergonomic chair design.

The Ergohuman Classic is certified under EU and USA standards. This certification covers body weights up to 150kg and 24 hours use in heavy duty applications. Additionally it holds green-guard certification for low particle and chemical emissions.

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